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Player Advice: 5 Roles For You Character To Fill

I recently began rolling a character for a new game I will be playing in.

Yes, playing.

I can't quite explain how excited I am. It's been quite some time since I've actually been a player (close to two years to be precise). I do the full write up; stats; backstory (blog about that forthcoming), personality, etc.

However, there is one thing that the players' handbooks and core rulebooks never delve into. Something that is never quantified or noted on a character sheet. That missing element?

What role will the character play?

When I say role, I don't mean melee damage sponge, arcane battlefield control, divine healing or skill-whore. Those are roles granted by classes and class abilities. They are the roles most folks imagine when they think about roles. What I am referring to is the role their personality will play in the party.

A character is more than the sum of their attribute scores and saves. There is a personality that comes out when we play that isn't ea…

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