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Musings of The Bard: Why Crafting Magic Items SUCKS (And How To Fix It)

"Bruenor steadied himself again, then suddenly snapped the bag into the air, releasing its contents high into the night. He tossed the bag aside, grasped the warhammer in both hands, and raised it above his head. The dwarf felt his very strength being sucked from him as he uttered the words of power, but he would not truly know how well he had performed until his work was complete. The level of perfection of his carvings determined the success of his intonations, for as he had etched the runes onto the weapon, their strength had flowed into his heart. This power then drew the magical dust to the weapon and its power, in turn, could be measured by the amount of shimmering diamond dust it captured.
A fit of blackness fell over the dwarf. His head spun, and he did not understand what kept him from toppling. But the consuming power of the words had gone beyond him. Though he wasn't even conscious of them, the words continued to flow from his lips in an undeniable stream, sapping m…

GM Advice - Death Becomes Us: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

"The Wraith reaches into your chest. Your body grows cold as you feel the last fleeting spark that was your life leave you. You fall to the ground in a crumpled heap as your final breath escapes your ragged lungs.... No, Dave. There isn't a save.... No, you don't have any more actions... You're dead, Dave... Dead. As in not alive. You've moved on. You have shuffled off this mortal coil. You cease to be. You are an ex-fighter... Put the gun down, Dave.... No, I am not afraid to die. I'm not you..."

"Reap what you sow, son!"
Death, that fickle mistress. Always waiting in the wings for your HP to go away, and your Cleric to be mind controlled by Illithid ponies. It is, for all intents and purposes, a very large part of any Role Playing Game. After all, without the threat of death, those pretty hit points your so desperately covet would be meaningless.

Death is the ultimate consequence. The final defeat of a character. It is a powerful thing to beho…

Musings of The Bard: These Roots Run Deep

It has been a good long while since I first got the idea in my head to start a blog about my first love, table top role-playing. Sure, anyone could tell you that family, friends, and career should come first. They are lying. They are lying to you, and to themselves.

For shame.

I have agonized on how I should start this whole blog biz out. Should I tell you about who I am? Launch right into a topic? Perhaps some lengthy, convoluted conversation with a dark, hooded figure sitting alone in the one corner of the tavern where the lighting situation is best described as "iffy"?

Where to begin?

Then it struck me like an owlbear during mating season; The best place to start is the beginning. While that may seem like the sarcastic remark of a self-absorbed asshole (credentials I will never deny), it's true. The best way to really describe who I am and how I game is to go back to the very first Dungeons & Dragons campaign I ever played.

"The red is for all the blood that …