Steal This: 4 Epic Backstories For Magic Weapons

There is very little that can compare to the rapture of holding a shiny, new magic weapon. To feel the power thrum through your being. Then comes the inevitable let down when you found out that it was crafted by some wizard, because he liked to build shit. 

"There is an inscription here... It's in elvish. It says 'Made In China'"

A good weapon deserves an even better backstory. A weapon's history can be the big selling point of the item, turning something as bland as a +1 longsword into something significantly more legendary. Here are a backstories to snatch and insert into your campaign. They are vague enough to slap on any weapon of your choosing.

1. This weapon was forged in the deepest part of the Underdark/Shadowlands, near the core of the world, by a blind dwarven paladin. The dwarf received vision from their God and instructions on how to craft the mighty weapon. They embarked on a pilgrimage, smiting any and all evil that stood in their way.
When finished, the dwarf journeyed back through the endless, winding caverns and passages, seeking out a demon that was building their forces down below. With the weapon in hand, the dwarf destroyed the demon, and freed its deurgar slaves.
However, the paladin was mortally wounded and died of their injuries. The dark dwarves, in an act of respect, delivered the body of the dwarf to their clan in their ancestral hall as part of a massive funeral procession. They left peacefully as their final act of respect for the dwarf that freed them from an their cruel abyssal master.
When the wielder of the weapon grows angry, dwarven runes that were not visible before blaze to life with the same glow as the molten rock it was forged in.

2. The design of this weapon is obviously elven. There is a symmetry and smoothness that flows from the piece, as if it were made of water instead of more solid matter. Its crafter was a young elven prince who had fallen in love with the confident elf maiden who served as the captain of the guard. He felt that such a beautiful flower should wield a weapon of equal beauty.
One midsummer night, he gifted the weapon to her and declared his love for her, but as fate would have it, it was the same night that a malevolent green dragon descended on their city. The prince was killed, and the guard captain, wielding her new weapon took it upon herself to enact vengeance upon the wyrm that slew her prince.
High above the city, she found herself in deadly combat with the ancient foe, but the prince's craftsmanship was flawless, and the dragon eventually fell to her assault, claiming both their lives. The captain was entombed next to her prince, so that the two might be together for all time. Her weapon was gifted to her replacement in the guard, and has changed hands many times over several hundred years.
When this weapon is used in the defense of another, it leaves a trail of autumn leaves in its wake.

3. Once upon a time, there were two rival weapon smiths, Sheen and Marus, whose skill and craftsmanship were renowned throughout the land, but no one could decide whom the superior craftsman was. It was decided that the two would enter a contest to decide once and for all who the true master was. They would each forge their ultimate weapon. They worked meticulously for a year and a day, creating the finest weapons the world had ever seen. Finally when their work was complete they met in a forest glade in the shadow of a mountain, where the wind whipped through almost constantly.. There, they tied the hilts of their weapons to swaying tree branches and waited. Sheen's weapon bobbed and swayed in the breeze. Leaves rolled by it, birds flew up to it and perched themselves upon it, and bees buzzed about it before venturing off on their business.
Marus, feeling very confident went next. His weapon did no sway, for the breeze broke upon it. Leaves, birds, and bees that flew too close met an untimely end. Everything the weapon touched was destroyed, as if it hungered to end all life. Truly, there was no deadlier weapon in creation.
A small band of sages presided over the contest, for they would be the ones who would decide the victor. In the end, the declared Sheen the winner. Shocked, Marus demanded to know why. The sages explained that while his weapon was potent and destructive, Sheen's weapon did not kill needlessly.
Sheen's weapon went on to be wielded by some of the greatest heroes of the age, while Marus' went on to kill innocents and kings, changing the world forever.

4. This sadistic-looking weapon was forged from the bones of a dead God and anointed with the blood of one hundred angels over an obsidian alter in the plane of shadows. It was created by a dreaded arch lich for the sole purpose of killing a God. Before it could carry out its evil plan, it was defeated by a band of adventurers. The weapon fell to them, and they vowed to destroy it. Unfortunately they were ambushed, and each slain. Since then the weapon has passed from hand to hand, each holding it only briefly before meeting an awful fate. It has been said that the weapon is cursed, making each wielder even more hesitant to possess it. While the curse has never been proven, one thing is certain though; the weapon still holds the ability it was created for. It can still kill a God, but which God remains a mystery.

There we are. If ever you find yourself in a pinch and need a quick backstory for a weapon, by all means, feel free to STEAL THIS!

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