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Racial Bias: Halflings

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” -Thorin Oakenshield; The Hobbit
The halfling, one of the most beloved creatures in fantasy role-playing. Short, often stout (though not dwarf levels of stout), friendly and courageous, halflings have sneaked into the hearts of gamers since their inception back in 1974, and a little game called Dungeons & Dragons. Our love for the goes even further back when we were calling them hobbits as we were reading our way through The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy. 
Oh, come on. You knew hobbits were the inspiration for halflings. If you didn't, you may want to check and see if your geek card has expired. Sure, they may have changed a bit over the years. They've moved out of their hillsides, some have become nomads, their height has fluctuated a bit (looking at you, 4th Edition), and they've been called by a few different names like lightfoot, hairfoot, tallfellow, stout, stron…

YouTube, Patreon, And The Future Of Ed The Bard

Some of you may have noticed that lately I have been updating a number of things, hitting a bunch of milestones, and am now involved in a number of different projects. It has been a busy few weeks in the world of Ed The Bard, and frankly, it has been slightly exhausting, give or take a slightly.

So, I figured I would take a break from the usual grind to update you folks on just exactly what I am up to and what is coming down the pipeline in the future. There us a lot to cover, or at least if feels like a lot, so I will dive on in.

Recently, you may have noticed my quasi-blood feud with fellow blogger and Game Master, The Game Mechanic, and our feelings about flavor in Tabletop RPGs. That seemed to grab a few folks attention, and The Game Mechanic and I were approached by the RPG Brigade about hosting a live Brigade Panel, a civil discussion/debate about the importance of "Flavor" in RPGs, how much is too much, and the implications of including it. It should be a hoot…

Racial Bias: Tieflings

If it looks like a devil, talks like a devil, and smells like a devil, it is probably a tiefling. These misbegotten creatures have blood coursing through their veins that got dirtied somewhere along the line when grandma decided to make the beast with two backs with an actual beast with two backs.

Untrusted, unwanted, and unwavering, tieflings remain one of the most complex and rewarding races to play at any level of experience. Many have a tragic past, most have a tragic present, but the future really seems to be what drives the motivation for the sometimes horned fiend-spawn.

Today, we will take a look at why the tiefling is the best race in the game.

 "Now 13% less evil."

As I said before, tieflings are the unfortunate carries of tainted blood. Somewhere down the line in their family tree, someone consorted with a fiend. Fiend is a catch-all word for an extraplanar entity of pure, uncompromising evil (demons, daemons, devils and politicians). The kind of evil tha…

Ed The Bard's Master List

The Master List
It seemed a good idea for me to compile everything I have done, and will do, into a convenient master list. Here, you will find every article divided up into the series they are attached to, to save yourself time and effort when looking for that specific blog to suit your needs.

Specials (Articles that don't fit in with the norm) GMs vs Players: There Is No Choice  The Mists Of Akuma Beckon You

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