#RPGaDay 2016 - Day 3: The Character Moment I Am Proudest Of


Day 1: Real Dice, Dice Apps, Diceless, How Do You Prefer To 'Roll'?
Day 2: Best Game Sessions Since August 2015

Day 3 of #RPGaDay pries into the lives of not my NPCs, but one of my own characters, and asks, "What was your proudest character moment?".

In a long and storied role-playing career, one creates an untold number characters, each with their own tales and memorable moments. It is hard to pin down a singular moment above all the others. How does one gauge such a thing? Usefulness? Badassery? Comedic value?

For me, the moment I am most proud of was when I saved the day. It has happened only once in my RPG career, but when it happened, it was beautiful.

The game was run by my best friend, Kenn, and was set in the Forgotten Realms. We were new citizens of Waterdeep, having each just come to the City of Splendors for our own reasons. I played the dwarf fighter-turned-battle rager; Grundy Thunderfist (I still love that name).

During the course of our early adventuring days in Waterdeep, we found ourselves in the employ of House Thorpe, a very wealthy and powerful noble house with its stake in the defense of the city (Lord Thorpe's oldest sons were the commanders of the city guard and city watch respectively). It was also rumored that our patron was one of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep.

We did a few odd jobs for Lord Thrope, and then came into the employ of his youngest son, Thaddius, who requested we seek parts for an artifact that had been stolen from their house generations ago. Being a young man of weak constitution, Thaddius hoped that the restoration of this artifact would earn him favor with his father.

Over the course of those early adventures, we slowly discovered that Thaddius was not entirely on the level. We discovered that the young noble had deceived us and on top of using us to gather pieces of his artifact, he also set us upon his enemies under the guise that they were assassins gunning for House Thorpe. It also didn't hurt that we found a shrine to Cyric (the God of murder and other unpleasantness) that contained some of his personal effects.

With the last piece of the artifact in hand, we sought a privet audience with Lord Thorpe to discuss his son's extracurricular activities and appeal to his righteous sense of justice. The lord was flabbergasted, but believed us, and sent his house guard to being his son before him. We trusted Lord Thorpe with the final piece, satisfied that he would keep it out of the grasp of his fiendish little offspring.

Mistakes were made.

Lord Thorpe revealed himself to be Thaddius in magical disguise. It seemed that when we were running about, he had killed his father and assumed his place both as head of the house and as a Masked Lord. He then showed us what the new, fully complete artifact could do. It was an orb that created a globe of dead magic, allowing the person holding it to cast freely.

He used it effectively.

He then called his goons in to lay a beating down on us. His goal was to have us taken alive, as that would be more insulting. Grundy made him work for it, fighting hard and bravely, until every guard in the room descended on him. Even a shade rogue running him through from behind with a rapier was hardly enough to drop the dwarf. Eventually, though, drop he did.

We all woke up on a slave ship bound for Thay (don't believe the Thay Chamber of Tourism, it is not the happiest place on Toril). Everyone was trapped in a cell. My character was treated like Hannibal Lecter, my neck was chained to the wall and my hands to the floor. They fed and watered me with a cup on a stick. What was worse was our casters couldn't do anything. Our gear was trapped in a room at the end of the hall, behind a barred door. In the center of that room was a gem set into a pedestal that rendered the entire floor of the ship into an anti-magic zone.

We were on that ship for two months. In that time everyone had been allowed on deck once a day to order to exercise with a brisk jog (The fine Red Wizards of Thay didn't want weak slaves/gladiators). I had been forbidden from this activity since the first week on the ship, where my use of the tireless feat had seen me fireman carrying a bugbear taskmaster around the upper deck because he's gotten winded. Apparently, that was a faux pas.

Since I was to be sold as a gladiator, I was supposed to be in tip-top physical shape. There is only so much one can do in a cell one hour a day. This was my last chance to see the sun. It was also my last chance to have my cell door opened. I took the opportunity that I had patiently waited two months for. With half a dozen crossbowmen's weapons trained on me, the taskmaster carefully opened my cell door and backed away slowly. Grundy shambled out, got a gleam in his eye, and bull rushed his captor.

I rolled a natural 20 on the bull rush attempt. The roll was high enough that I pushed the bugbear back 15-feet. Thankfully there was only 5-feet between him and the barred door that held our goodies. With a superior strength check, I managed to put him through the door  and into the pedestal holding the gem, breaking it. The ship's anti-magic defense fell, crossbow bolts flew, and casters that still had some spells from two months prior prepared began hurling magic. Grundy stalked into the store room, collected his magic dwarven waraxe, and made short work of the survivors.

The Dungeon Master had prepared for us to escape, but never like this. His original escape plan was to have a giant squid attack the ship, which it did eventually do. However, by the time that had happened, we had gathered up all the other slaves, cut loose a lift boat, and were rowing merrily across the Lake of Steam.

It remains to this day one of the most fun, and proudest sessions I have ever played in.

Roll well, my friends
+Ed The Bard 

I also want to extend my thanks to the folks over at the RPGBrigade for getting the ball rolling on #RPGaDay. Go check them out on their facebook page, and don't forget to register for BrigadeCon, a fully online role-playing convention that works alongside the Child's Play Charity

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