#RPGaDay 2016 - Day 4: The Most Impressive Thing I've Seen Another Character Do

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Day 2: Best Game Sessions Since August 2015
Day 3: Character Moment You Are Proudest Of

 Day 4 of #RPGaDay wants to know what the most impressive thing I've seen another character do. For me, impressive can mean a lot of things. It could be an incredible feat or achievement, a moment of severe badassery, or just a dramatic moment that cannot help but evoke a "whoa" from my powerful lips.

"So much of my authority is derived from the power right here."

But what really impresses the bard is something that cannot be captured on a character sheet or quantified with mechanics. It is good old-fashioned role-playing. And by far, the most impressive thing I have ever seen at a table was when the barbarian schooled the fighter in tactics.

We had been playing a pretty long (for us) game set in the Forgotten Realms (different than the one mentioned on Day 3). After a pretty stressful scouting encounter, my ranger returned to the party with the location of several drow who had no idea we were about to rain down the hurt. With my semi-detailed map, we went to work planning our attack.

Our fighter, who prided himself on tactics, laid out a plan that would likely get one of us killed (at the very least) and would cost us a lot of resources. It was a rough plan, but it was all we had at the moment. Then the half-orc piped up. Thokk Pig-friend Dragon-thwacker (all honorifics were earned, bought, and paid for) was not a very bright barbarian. With an intelligence that made Forrest Gump look like Stephen Hawking, Thokk was rarely consulted in much. But there was one thing the half-orc did better than any of us; fight. He knew battle the way some know the gentle caress of a lover.

Thokk appraised the plan with a "That's stupid" and proceeded to lay out one of the most simple-yet-elegant battle strategies that I have ever been privy to. It maximized our effectiveness while minimalizing our resource cost and casualty rate. It was a thing of beauty. All we could do was sit there slack-jawed, impressed beyond words that when it came to tactics Thokk has just taken the fighter to school

Roll well, my friends
+Ed The Bard 

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