#RPGaDay 2016 - Days 8-26: The Catch-Up Game!

Day 1: Real Dice, Dice Apps, Diceless, How Do You Prefer To 'Roll'?
Day 2: Best Game Sessions Since August 2015
Day 3: Character Moment You Are Proudest Of
Day 4: Most Impressive Thing Another's Character Did
Day 5: What Story Does Your Group Tell About Your Character? 
Day 6: Most Amazing Thing My Gaming Group Has Done For The Community
Day 7: What Aspect Of RPGs Has Had The Biggest Effect On You?

#RPGaDay keeps on trucking, but I seemed to have stopped trucking hard. In an attempt to play catch up, I offer you this multi-day-mega-blog! Next time I commit to this, I will hopefully not be moving right after Gen Con.

Day 8: Hardcover, Softcover, Digital? What Is Your Preference
While digital is the format I implement the most, and softcover is easiest to haul out, there is nothing quite like the creak and feel of a brand new hardcover book. Also, the weight. weight is good. If you run out of monsters you can hit your players with it!

ADDENDUM: Ed The Bard LLC. does not condone the use of blunt objects in a manner that could bring bodily harm to others.

Day 9: Beyond The Game, What's Involved In An Ideal Session
The ideal game is not born during the game, bur rather before it. It is the attitude of the players before they sit down, the level of excitement they have to play their characters and watch the GM's story unfold. It is in the passion of the Game Master, who loves what they are doing, loves the story, loves the characters, and knows how to make their players happy.

Day 10: Largest In-Game Suprise You Have Experienced
In the game I mentioned on Day 3, ou party had been manipulated by the scheming son of a noble. Whenever the Game Master played this NPC, he would use this lilting English accent. His hands would be limp in front of him, as the NPC had many heavy rings on every finger. As he spoke, he would move his limp-wristed hands about.

When we brought the son's actions to the noble's attention, he thanked us. Suddenly the noble began to hold his hands as the son had. His voice slipped into a lilt, and the illusion fell, revealing the son had taken over his father's place. To realize not only had we be double-crossed, but triple-crossed was a jaw-dropping experience.

Day 11: Which Gamer Most Affected The Way You Play
Pathfinder, I feel, affected the way I play more than any other system. There is such a need to have the right build to remain relevant in the game that it can be easy to lose sight of one's character. However, when I finally learned to let myself go and have more fun with the role-playing than the roll-playing, it became infinitely more fun.

 Fun is the name of the game.

Day 12: What Game Is Your Group Most Likely To Play Next? Why?
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition will most likely be the next game my group will be playing, most likely because that is the next game I am currently running.

Day 13: What Makes A Successful Campaign?
A successful campaign is the culmination of several elements. The story must be engaging and never dull, the villain should be memorable and well despised, the NPCs should likewise be memorable and useful (or at least entertaining), and the characters should fit into the world and enjoy interacting with it.

Day 14: Your Dream Team Of People You Used To Game With
Ah, the dream team. The best of the best. I have gamed with many over the years, but for my dream team of folks I used to game with would have to consist of...
Kenn: My best friend and the best GM I've ever had. Kenn put fun first and mechanics second. As a player, he was the man of 100 voices, usually slight variations of different accents.
Billy: The Game Mechanic, who has taught my more about mechanics and encounter design than he could ever know. My favorite encounter was when he nearly crushed a party of high-level mythic pathfinder characters with a dozen ratlings.
Chris: Former Iron GM World Champion, GM That Guy. If Kenn is the man of 100 voices, Chris is the man of 1,000. Chris loves his underdogs, his everyman characters, and the long-suffering nobody, and plays them to perfection.
Josh: Josh always brought a good attitude to the table, he was always helpful, never a hindrance, and always had a good character, albeit something from waaaaaaay off in left field, like a half-orc alchemist named Dr. Teef Boomblood.
Angela: I will say this about Angela; there is no one I have ever played with or run for that has played chaotic neutral quite the way she did, which was to a T.
Wayne: Why was a GM with a flare for the dramatic. He loved to pull the rug out from under you, and he was very effective at it.
Adam: Not only was Adam a great role-player, he's a fantastic artist. In fact, keep a weathered eye out for his upcoming work. Insert winkie emoticon here.

Day 15: Your Best Source Of Inspiration For RPGs
Books! Best weapons in the world! Nothing has given me more ideas and terrifying notions than a good book. Character ideas, villain ideas, setting ideas, location ideas, so many things I have done have been shamelessly ripped off from books. I love 'em!

Day 16: Historical Person You'd Like In Your Group? What Game?
The Immortal Bard (no, not me), William Shakespeare, should he have ever lived at all. I can only imagine how much work he would put into his characters, but good Gods, could you imagine him as your Game Master. It would be legendary... and then everyone dies at the end.

Whatta dick.

But honestly, for an honest to goodness answer, I have only three words for player and system; Niccolò Machiavelli, Paranoia.

'Nuff said

Day 17: What Fictional Character Would Best Fit In Your Group?
I would like to game with Kvothe from "The Kingkiller Chronicles". Personally, I would like him to both run and play. Since he enter the heart of stone, split his mind into multiple parts and keep information from himself, it would work perfectly.

Day 18: What Innovation Could RPG Groups Benefit Most From?
Two words: Communication.

Day 19: Best Way To Learn A New Game?
Personally, when I pick up a new game, I can read through the book twice,  but I get more out of it by being totally hands-on. New systems are far easier to learn playing them.

Day 20: Most Challenging But Rewarding System You Have Learned?
Pathfinder. There is so much crunch, so many nuances, and interpretation, but by golly, there is enough sustainability in its many pages to keep it ongoing forever.

Day 21: Funniest Misinterpretation Of A Rule In Your Group?
A group of six of us attempted to understand THAC0 once. Only three of us made it out of that room alive...

 ... dear Gods, I can still hear the screaming when I close my eyes.

Day 22: Supposedly Random Game Events That Keep Recurring?
Once, in a city, a character in our Exalted game crit-shit the bed. The result was that he landed in a fruit cart. Some time later, in a different city, this one overrun with the undead, another character did the same thing and blam! The same fruit cart!

Much later, we are in the frozen north, miles away from civilization. As we were trekking across the tundra, another character failed terribly... and landed in that damned fruit cart.

That fruit cart has followed us from system to system for years. It haunts us,

Day 23: Share One Of Your Best 'Worst Luck" Stories.
Klad was a prisoner in an inescapable prison; a volcanic glacier. His crime? Inciting a war. So, suffice to say, Klad had a little something going for him. He and the party did the impossible and escaped this inescapable prison, but not without drawing the attention of the guards. A high-seas pursuit ensued, and Klad and his companions ended up shipwrecked on a strange, uncharted island.

 On the island, they encountered a group of elves that worshiped a bizarre entity called "The Sleeping God". The elves did not tolerate intruders and attacked the group on site. They fled to a flying ship that was tethered down with chains. As we broke the chains, elves continued to spill onto the deck of the ship, throwing themselves at us. Wave after wave crashed into us as flying elves lobbed spells at us. Finally, a mage landed before me. I feared not this weak little mage, for I was Klad "The Unbreakable". Only hours ago I had beaten a dire shark to death with my bare hands. What could this frail elf do to me?

Phantasmal Killer.

I laughed, both in character and out. As a dwarf (in pathfinder), my saves were through the roof, and Phantasmal Killer required two saves. I turned to my fellow players with a shit-eating grin and said, "I would have to roll two ones in a row to cock this up."

I rolled a 1...

I rolled another 1...

I died...

That was when the grieving began.
Day 24: What Is The Game You Are Most Likely To Give To Others?
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. It is easy to pick up and play, it is addictively fun, and it gives me brand new players to convert. Why wouldn't I give it to them?!

Day 25: What Makes For A Good Character?
Someone entertaining, useful, life-like, and enjoyable. 

Day 26: What Hobbies Go Well With RPGs?
Arts and crafts seem to go hand in hand with RPGs. One need only look to DM Scotty's YouTube channel to see exactly how well they go together.

Like bread and butter, baby!

Roll well, my friends
+Ed The Bard 

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