#RPGaDay - Day 5: What Story Does My Group Tell About My Character

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Day 5 of #RPGaDay demands to know what story my group tells about my character. There are many tales, most being about NPCs I have run, but, since the wording specifically states "character", that is what you shall receive.

And surprise, it's a bard.

My first foray into 5th Edition D&D was only a couple of years ago. I had been wanting to try it out since it's release, hoping it could redeem itself from the days of 4th Edition (may we never speak of it again). In that game, I decided to venture outside my comfort zone of fighters, barbarians, and dwarves to focus on a class and race I had never played before; a half-elf bard named Roth.

I had been recently re-reading Pat Rothfus' immortal Kingkiller Chronicles (halfway through my 3rd reading of The Wise Man's Fear to be exact), and I got the notion to play a character very similar to Kvothe. He had true red hair, handsome beyond words, and was sinfully good with a lute. However, I decided to play Kvothe the way the world saw him. I was arrogant, charming, clever, and I made impossible claims. Claims that could never possibly be done.

My group would gladly tell you that I was able to live up to the hype.

We had discovered that there was a band of terrifyingly organized goblins heading to a nearby fort to burn it down. Their tactics were clever, and they seemed brutally efficient judging by the last fort they had devastated.

We marched all night and through most of the next day to get ahead of the goblins. We knew they would strike at night. We alerted the commander, a fetching human female of superb battle prowess. The warlock and I opted to scout ahead into the woods in hopes of discerning the whereabouts of the goblins. We found them, and I sent her back to inform the others, telling them that I would send a magically lit arrow to alert the men on the wall of the direction they would be coming from.

As I left the safety of my tree perch, I landed on a dry branch, alerting the goblins to the presence of someone nearby. I had used all my spells the day before and since we had not had time to rest, all I had left were cantrips. Quickly thinking I conjured the illusion of a doe bounding through the woods. The goblins believed it and went back to their preparations. I attempted a stealthy escape but stepped on another branch (rolled a 1). The goblins looked again, only to see another illusory doe bounding by.

Now they were a little suspicious, so they sent their worg riders to investigate. Knowing the jig was up, I bolted. The warg gave chase. I was fast but it was faster. I knew I couldn't outrun it. So I decided to stand and fight. With everyone on the wall watching, I charged the charging worg, stepped upon its face and used it as a springboard to launch myself up and over the goblin, drawing my bow and killing him with one well-placed shot (critical hit), before landing in a tumble behind the creature.

Suddenly the bard's outlandish claims were suddenly a little more plausible.

Roth managed to escape to the fort, and through that night we managed to defeat the goblins and save countless lives. As the commander retired to her quarters after a long and bloody night, she found a nude bard in her bed, posed just-so, inquiring "Oh, is this bed taken."

After an early morning of passion, she gifted me a lute that had been in her family for generations. A magical lute. Just another note in the long list of claims. Few shall ever forget the day Roth and his band of adventurers ran day and night to save the fort. Roth himself fought against the goblins single-handedly, survived, and took the commander as his lover, who gifted him a magic lute for his loyalty and virility. 

Roll well, my friends
+Ed The Bard 

I also want to extend my thanks to the folks over at the RPGBrigade for getting the ball rolling on #RPGaDay. Go check them out on their facebook page, and don't forget to register for BrigadeCon, a fully online role-playing convention that works alongside the Child's Play Charity

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