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10 Side-Effects From Resurrections

Death becomes us. It is the undeniable, inescapable inevitability of the universe. That is unless you are a divine spellcaster with the raise dead spell. Then to hell with the reaper! Get some of that bling and start raisin' homies from the grave!

And that is the beauty of magic, isn't it? Being able to bend the laws of the universe with zero repercussions. Why would there be? You're only snatching a soul from the jaws of death and stuffing it back to its meat shell.
What could go wrong?

Oh, that's right. Everything.

Many Game Masters treat a return to life like a brief vacation. You lose a level and your back at it like nothing happened. But death is not a trip to the day spa, and there should be consequences to returning to life.

Below are ten possible side-effects from a good old fashioned resurrection, sure to make your spellcaster think twice about playing God. After all, if you're invoking that kind of mojo, you should be ready to pay the price.

P.S. "T…

GM Advice: How To Make Your Session Plans Suck Less

By Guest Writer Jack the Rogue

Nothing kills the flow of a game as surely as an ill-prepared DM. As the DM, you have to juggle rules and mechanics, storyline, and creative elements without missing a beat. If the DM hesitates, they risk breaking the players’ immersion - the magic sensation that the game is more than just a game.

I want immersed players. That’s why I’m a big fan of anything that cuts down on the number of on-the-fly decisions I have to make in-game. Clear and careful planning frees up mental capacity to spend on roleplaying convincing NPCs, giving vivid descriptions, and engaging player interests on an individualized level.

With that groundwork laid, let me tell you about the biggest adventure-planning advancement I’ve made in recent history.

The Old Planning Method: Vomit all my thoughts and possible outcomes into a Google doc wall of text.

This was clunky and hard to read in the heat of the moment.

The Future: Sexy, clean flowcharts.

This is sleek, readable, and creates an e…