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The Bardic Review: Volo's Guide To Monsters

Dungeons & Dragons, or D&D as the kids these days are saying, has made one thing very clear since introducing in 2014; they are no longer interested in "Book Bloat". Book Bloat is the seemingly endless push to release at least one new book each month. That sort of strain can tax the creative element, forcing the designers to conjure up new adventures, monsters, classes, etc., all while attempting to meet strict deadlines.

At that pace, even with a good creative team, some sub-par products can, and most likely will, make it out into the wider world. 3rd Edition (as well as 3.5) suffered greatly from this, totaling 68 separate books between 2001 and 2007. These didn't include modules. These were all sourcebooks. While there were several great ideas in this sea of books, such as the warlock character class, there were just as many bad ideas, broken ideas, and just plain weird ideas...

...looking at you Urban Druid

5th Edition, in its two-year run (at the time of wr…