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So You Want To Be A Game Master - Part 6: Plot Hooks

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Here we are! We finally made it to game night! I am so proud of you! No, seriously, I am fighting back tears...

"You kids grow up so darn fast."
So the game begins. You have all the resources you will ever need, a plethora of interestingNPCs, a decent place to begin, a well-crafted story and a nefarious villain who your players get the pleasure of thwarting.

Now, all you need to do is convince them to engage in all that.

No, really.

You may be prepped for the next 200 sessions. but if your players don't latch on to the story you so painstakingly crafted, all you have managed to accomplish is waste copious amounts of time making something no one will ever see.

"Which is not always a bad thing..."
If you want your players to jump into the artfully constructed story you've plotted out you have two options; railroad them (which we DO NOT do), or feed them a…