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Bardic Inspiration: Another Random-Roll Adventure!

Random roll tables! Random encounters!

Oh sweet baby Gygax, do I have a problem.

I love random tables! I love them in ways that I am not entirely comfortable with yet. And why wouldn't I? Random roll anything is basically at the heart of most any RPG. The players roll dice to determine the success or failure of their actions. The GM rolls (though they really don't need to) in order to determine all manner of things, from encounters, treasure, and randomized NPCs (yes, I know all those examples vary from GM to GM).

Fate has a definitive hand in the games we play. That pure randomization is arguably one of the best elements. It adds a sense of the unknown to the proceedings, to the point that even the Game Master isn't entirely sure what may happen next (though a canny one can go with the flow). It turns the game into a thrill ride, where anything can be around the next corner.

For me, random tables serve something of narrowing ideas. You see I have a lot of ideas just bubbl…