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Player Advice: It Is Okay To Write Short Backstories

Something is happening to me in a few months that hasn't happened to me in ages, and I approach it with all the appropriate excitement of a bard of my stature. You see, after I wrap my current campaign, I am going to have an opportunity to do something I don't often get to do; actually play.

We are talking schoolgirl levels of giddiness, here.
I am often the story teller, the man behind the screen. The times when I actually get to get down and dirty along side the other players are few and far between. To be playing in what looks to be a long-running has had me chomping at the bit. I've already cooked up my character concept and went to work writing the backstory.

The method I decided on would be similar to "The Name of the Wind", wherein the events of the story are framed as a retelling from the main character. If you've never read "The Name of the Wind", stop reading this blog right now, get the book, read it, and get you some culture dawg! Kingki…