50 MORE Adventure Hooks To Swipe For Your Game!

John Popper of Blues Traveler once sang, "The hook brings you back. On that, you can rely".

Was he wrong? Here we are again with a sequel to the extremely popular "50 Adventure Hooks To Swipe For Your Game". Hooks are usually there to entice players into following along with a story. These are a bit different. These hooks are for the Game Master and are designed to flick that little switch in your brain that lets your imagination run wild off a simple idea.

We shall see some scintillating, scandalous, sickeningly simple story seeds so sufficiently straight-forward, some should see themselves seriously sold on the subsequent scenarios, surely.

1. Just outside of town is a Wizard's Tower. Strange, it wasn't there last night.

2. A wave of burglaries sweeps through town around the same time as a band of strange-looking street performs make their presence known.

3. A sinkhole opens up near the center of town. At the bottom of the hole appears to be a set of stone stairs leading down.

4. The Innkeeper's daughter/son is a beautiful young lady/man and a notorious flirt, but everyone tries to keep their distance because her/his father is an overprotective former adventurer. So it comes as a massive surprise when she/he informs the whole tavern that he/she is pregnant, and with one of the PC's baby! And she/he is showing!

5. The forest seems to be getting closer to town, by a yard (or meter) each day.

6. A new bakery has opened up, and people are raving about the pastries. Literally raving, as everyone who has eaten one has suddenly gone mad.

7. A dense fog has been appearing just before midnight the last four nights, and each time the vague outline a figure in black plate armor can be seen riding through it astride a black steed. However, when the ground is inspected thereafter, there is no trace of the man or horse.

8. A messenger, sweaty, bruised, and bleeding, finds one of the PC's in a public place and hands them a message before dropping dead right then and there. When the PC opens the message, it says only two words, "It's coming".

9. A nearby dormant volcano has been seen smoking, and small tremors shake the earth. Late at night, silhouetted figures can be seen floating above the volcano.

10. The characters are at a public event where an important and beloved leader is speaking. Suddenly an assassin's bolt takes the leader in the chest, killing them instantly. Then figures begin mowing down the assembled crowd, killing anyone in their path. A strange figure approaches a member of the party, hands them a small, golden hourglass and says "This cannot happen". The character's vision goes dark and when they awaken, they are somewhere familiar. Then it dawns on them that they have been transported one week into the past.

11. The characters find themselves in a remote area and happen upon a small village. Immediately the party realizes there are no adults in this village, only children. And they are not happy to see outsiders.

12. The characters receive a heartfelt letter from an old patron begging them for help. What's strange is that they have no memory of this person, despite the writer seeming to be very familiar with them.

13. A bard approaches the party and asks if he/she can chronicle their adventures. Whether or not the party agrees, the bard follows them, everyone, writing down everything he/she witnesses. Before too long, the party keeps finding itself in increasingly dangerous situations in instances where there should be no danger afoot, like shopping, researching, or drinking at the tavern. Mayhaps the bard is trying to spice up the story a bit.

14. The party is beckoned by a local wizard who wishes to make use of their talents. On the way to the wizard's tower, an old vagabond stops them with a grave warning "Turn back now! If you perform this task, it will spell doom! DOOM!". When the party arrives at the wizard's they discover their future employer looks like a younger version of the vagabond.

15. There is talk in the city of creatures lurking in the sewers. Terrible green things with hard carapace on their backs, proficient in hand to hand combat. Are they friends or foes?

16. Every insect and arachnid in the city is acting strangely. They all appear to be converging on one location; the home of a powerful noble.

17. A wave of grisly murder heralds the presence of a serial killer in the city. Its victims appear to all be scholars and other learned individuals. They are found missing the tops of their heads, their brains gone. What is even more peculiar is that the tops of the skulls have been removed with surgical precision.

18. A vampire contacts the party and pleads for their help to protect it from a very determined vampire hunter.

19. A local trapper appears back at a settlement, pale and terrified. They say they found a man deep in the forest, trapped in a massive globe of amber.

20. The characters fall asleep at a local inn. When they wake up, their rooms are completely different. The walls are pink, and their blankets look like doilies. As they explore their new surroundings they find several items, including food, to be fake. That is when a massive eye peeks through one of the windows, and a young female voice bellows "Oh thank you, daddy! They're wonderful!"

21. The trees of a local apple orchard aren't bearing fruit but humanoid body parts.

22. The characters are walking down a hallway in a familiar establishment or keep. The hall doesn't appear to end, no matter how long they walk or which direction.

23. A child in the local village is playing with some other children and is holding what appears to be a strange metallic object. Suddenly the object emits a low hum and a blast of light shoots from one end and blows a hole through the wall of a local establishment. When the child is asked about where they found the item, they respond with "I found it near to the fallen star over the hill"

24. An alarming number of owlbears are fleeing the forest, bearing scars and bloody wounds. Something nastier has apparently established itself as the apex predator.

25. A heavily armed band of duergar approach the party. One of the more finely dressed of them tells the party that they are royalty and have proof of a legitimate claim on a local dwarven hold.

26. The party wakes up at the campsite and the trees are different. THE TREES ARE DIFFERENT!

27. Suddenly, dinosaurs.

28. A very reputable and respected member of the community is currently trying to break a dam and flood the town below. Why?

29. The characters encounter refugees on the road, survivors of an attack on a nearby village. They claim a figure in dark armor astride a horse with fiery hooves was commanding a small army of monsters.

30. A stately-looking devil appears before the party one night and tells them they have been summoned as character witnesses in a trail for one of their longtime enemies... in hell.

31. A strange illness is sweeping across the land, and it only appears to be affecting half-blooded creatures. Half-elves, half-orcs, half-dragons and so on are falling to the sudden disease.

32. A character wins a piece of paper in a game of chance. The paper; a deed to an inn a few towns away. An inn with a reputation for being haunted.

33. A thief is running wild in the city, but no one can seem to stop them, because no one can remember what was taken. It seems that this clever thief not only steals the objects but also all memory of the object as well.

34. A tribe of barbarians from a remote part of the campaign world are seen traveling through civilized lands for the first time. When approached they speak of angry spirits driving them from their lands.

35. A heavy snowfall blankets the region in fresh powder... in the middle of summer.

36. Villagers wake up one morning to discover a massive dome of spider webs has enveloped the entire town.

37. Strange combinations of misshapen creatures have been spotted near the edge of the forest. Bears with massive snakes for arms, wolves with bat heads, and large birds with horrifying humanoid-like faces.

38. Late one night, a group of heavily armed orcs emerge from the darkness and take up seats at the party's campsite. They do not say a word.

39. An infamous fallen paladin with a reputation as a heretic approaches the party and tells them that he was definitive proof that the Gods are false... all of them.

40. A paladin of a well-known deity of good has been ruthlessly dispatching criminals with reckless abandon, some of whom have begged for mercy, others who have only broken small laws.

41. The characters are invited to a Lord's masquerade ball. Shortly after arriving the Lord makes a speech wherein he reveals he is a ghost and that he was murdered by someone in attending the party, though who he does not know.

42. A princess has been kidnapped by a band of cutthroat brigands. A few days later the leader of the brigands approaches the party and begs for their help. It seems the princess has taken over the bandits and is now running wild throughout the region as a new bandit queen.

43. High-ranking members of the city's underworld have started to go missing. The remaining factions are blaming each other and if it should continue it could mean an all-out gang war.

44. A new clocktower hs finished construction in town. However, each time the bells strike midnight, someone dies.

45. One of the characters is approached by a well-dressed man who identifies himself as the executor of the character's uncle's estate. It appears the uncle has recently died and has left his considerable fortune and estate to the character. The strange thing is, the character didn't have a rich uncle.

46. A mage's apprentice seeks out the party's aid in rescuing her mentor. She apparently opened a portal "somewhere" and "something" took her master.

47. A well-dressed man buys the characters a round of drinks at a tavern and sits with them. He reveals himself to be a devil and explains that a high ranking local official is being possessed by a demon, one that the devil has a vested interest in seeing killed.

48. An illithid (mind flayer) walks through the center of town and demands asylum.

49. Drow raiding parties are striking in the dead of night, carrying off women into the darkness. Strangely, the next night the women are returned with no memories of the ordeal.

50. New roads keep appearing in town, leading to areas that were never there before with buildings that hadn't existed and populated with strange people no one has ever heard of.

And there we are, 50 more Adventure Hooks sure to get those Game Master brain meats percolating

Roll well, my friends
+Ed The Bard. 

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